Reviews for Defy Your DNA

“I must say that the story reads very well. It reminds me of when I read Future Shock (by the futurist Alvin Toffler) a long time ago – one can quickly absorb the salient points. If it only didn’t have the funny spelling” – Posted by Dr Dwight Weller PhD (Former Professor of Chemistry at Oregon State University and now Senior Vice President at AVI Bio-Pharma) on 7 September 2011

“Dr. Shrewsbury’s book is an important work that vividly portrays to the lay reader and scientific community the ongoing evolution of modern medicine from a broad perspective and with a detailed examination of the central role of modulation of gene expression and repair of faulty DNA.”

“An insightful and comprehensive historical perspective on the foundation of modern medicine and a visionary outlook on exciting developments in the field of nucleic acid-based therapeutics.” – Posted by Dr Doug Kornbrust PhD, DABT (President of Preclinsight) on 30 January 2013

“Dr Shrewsbury gave a talk about his new book Defy Your DNA at the American Medical Writer’s chapter meeting which was very well-received and sparked a great discussion.  There is no doubt that this new technology will have a significant impact on the treatment of many diseases, very possibly offering hope to patients with here-to-for fatal and incurable diseases.  He put this new work into context within the development of medical treatments throughout the ages and described it in very accessible terminology without losing the depth needed to understand the technology.  I am looking forward to reading the book – it will surely be a great addition to the bookshelves of those of us who have a great passion for science and how it has informed the development of  medical treatments.’ – Posted by Dr Catherine Magill PhD (after a talk to the American Medical Writers Association, Northern Californian Chapter) on 24 February 2013

“In his book Defy Your DNA, Dr. Stephen Shrewsbury, uses his clinical experience, anecdotes and his knowledge of the molecular basis of rare genetic diseases to weave a narrative about the past and more importantly the exciting future of therapeutics. Shrewsbury is not alone in his treatise that targeting RNA with novel therapeutic agents  will play an increasingly important role in modern medicine: the scientific community and  Wall Street share his  enthusiasm for the field.  The book provides a primer on the subject and a look into the excitement.” – Posted by Dr Art Levin PhD, (Executive Vice President, miRagen Therapeutics and Founder at Levin BioScience) on 3 March 2013

“Dr. Stephen Shrewsbury will enthrall you while explaining why your DNA is not your destiny. Read this book if you are a seasoned health professional. Read this book if you are curious about cutting edge scientific advances and want lucid explanations of gene therapy and more. Read this book if you have a loved one with a rare disease. Read it now.” – Posted by Nancy R. Katz PhD, (President & Principal Medical Writing Consultant, Illyria Consulting Group, Inc.) on 15 March 2013

“Duchenne enters the homes of families around the world. Parents, at first unable to grasp its meaning, seek information and advice on-line. By definition, parents and family members become advocates, explaining what Duchenne means, what is it, what might happen, and what they hope for. The explain over and over again, until the story becomes a regular conversation. Duchenne, the unwanted guest, follows them around. It impacts every activity, every plan, every waking moment. And they necessarily become experts about their son. But more is required of them. They necessarily become experts in genetics, learning about and understanding the genetic cause of their son’s Duchenne, understand what happens to muscle because the structural protein, dystrophin, is absent, and what targets are being explored that may have the potential to stop or reverse the pathology.

Families meet often on-line and in person to talk about Duchenne and what they might do to change the landscape, to expedite treatments for their son, for all the boys. Often, they have opportunities to meet with clinicians and researchers discussing complicated subjects as genetics, muscle physiology, targets, assays, animal studies, toxicology packages, clinical protocols. And often, especially those that are new to the world of Duchenne, they ask: “Is there a book I could read? Something that would expand my knowledge, something that might clarify, explain, describe what I should know?”

Dr. Shrewsbury’s book, Defy Your DNA, is that book. – Posted by Pat Furlong, (Founding President & CEO of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy) on 26 March 2013

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