My book explains how new medical discoveries help you to defy fatal mistakes in your DNA within only one treatment and how to combat lethal bacterial and viral infections. Without having to spend  a lot of money or being confused with medical terms.


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Combat Lethal Bacterial and Viral Infections


How to Hide Fatal Mistakes in Your DNA (Genetic Error)


What is it about?

Defy Your DNA explains how the genetic discoveries of the past two decades are giving rise to an entirely new system of personalized medicine. This new system will identify and defy DNA mistakes before patients become ill. The new system will use a class of potent and targeted “gene-patch” medicines.

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How does it work?

The concept of the genetic test is to look into your DNA and to identify key markers. If those markers are present, you may be at increased risk of many serious diseases. By ordering this test, your physician will be able, in a sense, to take a look into your own future. With this knowledge you can take the necessary steps to help avoid these conditions altogether.

Genetic Testing Laboratories (GTL) is a leading, pioneering company providing genetic testing: GTL uses the latest science and technology to give you a snapshot of your genome. This picture shows your genetic risk for important health conditions. You now have the power to make more informed choices. The conditions included in the report you get are all supported by peer-reviewed scientific research. They have been tested according to strict standards (ISO 17025 and CLIA requirements), as well as a stringent internal clinical analyst competency program.

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What people say

Great book from M.D. Shrewsbury that explained to me how to take a look into my future. Right now I know which mistakes are located in my DNA. I just went to the GTL in New York, waited a few weeks, and did get my results.

Jason K.

I did not even know which  fatal mistakes slumber in my DNA. On the one hand, I was shocked by the result, on the other hand, I am glad to know it so I can react.

Katherine B.

So many people think it is super expensive to check the DNA. It is a reasonable price with a big positive effect on your future. This book showed me what is possible with the newest scientific technology in this field for a few years. Doctor Shrewsbury can explain with easy words how GTL find mistakes in your DNA. Big recommendation.

M.D. Frank G.

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