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Defy Your DNA by Stephen B. Shrewsbury

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Defy Your DNA, a book that brings new hope to those with disease, by Stephen B. Shrewsbury

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Defy Your DNA is a book about medicine. There are many diseases that used to be incurable. These diseases can now be treated. They are treated by new techniques called ‘gene patch’ or ‘gene therapy.’ This means the end of heredity as we know it. It means new possibilities for curing people. It means that doctors will have new skills and new tools in helping people. This will help people live longer and happier lives. Buy Defy Your DNA now to learn about how this will happen.

Here is another review from Amazon: “This book is eye opening. I’ve heard before that we can potentially correct genetic diseases, but I didn’t know the real world applications and treatments already existed. The book is a fun read and the reader doesn’t need much prior scientific knowledge to understand the information.”

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Contents for Defy Your DNA

Chapter One: Medicine on the Brink
Chapter Two: Medicine through the Millennia
Chapter Three: From Primordial Soup to Personalized Medicine
Chapter Four: Camouflage Your Genes
Chapter Five: The End of Hereditary Rare Disease
Chapter Six: New Drugs for Bad Bugs
Chapter Seven: The Big Ones
Chapter Eight: The Doctor’s Office of the Future
Chapter Nine: How Are New Drugs Regulated?
Chapter Ten: The Pharmacy of the Future
Chapter Eleven: To Infinity and Beyond

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