Oligonucleotides: The Rolls Royce of medicines?

Oligonucleotides – The Rolls Royce of medicines?

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Interviewed by Harry Douglas for the Tennessee-based, nationally syndicated Car Concerns Radio USA on April 16th, 2014.

This is what host, Harry Douglas had to say: “That was exciting info on “Defy Your DNA”. Thanks for being our Special Guest on this morning’s program”. I was a little “croaky” but Harry was reassuring: “Your speech was fine! The subject matter was interesting. Look forward to having you on the show soon for an update!”

While cars become more and more sophisticated, the human body has always been so. The new therapeutic oligonucleotide (gene patches) give doctors the chance to beat back some tough diseases – many lethal and genetically determined – but some due to lethal viruses. These diseases have previously been able to disable our smoothly running bodies without medicine being able to counter them. But at last that is changing and these new gene patches bring hope to some of the 1 in 10 Americans, indeed all global citizens, with a rare disease.