Issues Today Radio Podcast

Issues Today Radio Podcast. How you can “Defy Your DNA”; beat back cancer and take control of your life!

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Issues Today Radio – Podacst now available: How the new gene patches may benefit YOU. How you can beat cancer and defy the faulty DNA that you have been born with.

If you want to learn a bit more about the amazing new gene patches being developed, before buying my book: Defy Your DNA, then check out this podcast where I explain what all the excitement is about. How does our ability to sequence our own genetic code put us in the driving seat at last for controlling our own destiny – or defying what nature has programmed for us? Where can you go to learn more? (try reading my book!) What diseases will benefit from our ability to detect the tiny mutations in our DNA – and how can you “patch” the bad message that comes form these “bad genes”?

Listen to the podcast, which in the last third covers answers to some of these questions:

Podcast went live and available for download on 24 March 2014