Ebola: Can we Beat the Bug?

The following article was the first of 3 parts to be published in “The Boomer Times” (www.babyboomers-seniors.com) November 2014:

“Every day we hear more scary stories about bugs – Ebola is only the latest, but perhaps the scariest. Nearly nine thousand infected and five thousand dead (mid October). By January it is estimated that 1.4 million people will have been exposed. And now Ebola has breached America’s defenses with US healthcare workers stricken after nursing a returning traveler in Dallas, TX.

Most viral disease has been better tackled by immunization programs – but new viral killers are emerging and, frighteningly, acquiring the ability for human-to-human transmission. And other viruses are turning up in new areas – such as Dengue fever (“Breakbone fever”) now endemic again in the Florida Keys. So even when we contain the current Ebola outbreak, it will only be a matter of time before another outbreak or another virus threatens mankind again.

In addition to viruses, bacteria are outsmarting our most powerful antibiotics and becoming resistant to even recently approved drugs. Many have become “superbugs” such as the infamous MRSA and very difficult to defeat. Public Health officials fear a return to pre-antibiotic era days when bacterial disease was a major killer around the globe.”………..

Look out for part 2 in the December edition.