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December 21, 2014 The following article was the first of 3 parts to be published in “The Boomer Times” (www.babyboomers-seniors.com) November 2014: “Every day we hear more scary stories about bugs – Ebola is only the latest, but perhaps the scariest. Nearly nine thousand infected and five thousand dead (mid October). By January it is…

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buy Premarin online

July 25, 2014 Gene Therapy Steven Shrewsbury Published in the July 2014 edition of Boomer Times & Senior Life (page 16): We are all the product of our DNA! In the book Defy Your DNA, the structure of this remarkable molecule is described. Long strands of DNA make up all of our genes, which are…

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Oligonucleotides – Keeping a Positive Perspective April 16, 2014 DNA testing, drug development, Dystrophin, evolution of medicine, gene patch, Gene Therapy, genetic disorders, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Mipomersen, Muscular Dystrophy, Oligonucleotides, OSWG, stem cellgene patch, muscular dystrophy, oligonucleotide, stem cellsSteven Shrewsbury Interviewed by Jason Deierlein for My Positive Perspective aired live on Kinetic Hi Fi Radio…

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Oligonucleotides – The Rolls Royce of medicines? April 16, 2014 DNA, DNA testing, drug development, Dystrophin, FDA, Gene Therapy, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Mipomersen, Muscular Dystrophy, Oligomer Therapy, Oligonucleotides, OSWG, personalized drugs, stem cellcancer, drug development, gene patch, muscular dystrophy, new organs, OligonucleotidesSteven Shrewsbury Interviewed by Harry Douglas for the Tennessee-based, nationally syndicated Car Concerns Radio…

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Issues Today Radio Podcast. How you can “Defy Your DNA”; beat back cancer and take control of your life! March 25, 2014 DNA, DNA testing, drug development, evolution of medicine, gene patch, genetic disorders, Muscular Dystrophy, Oligomer Therapy, Oligonucleotides, personalized drugsSteven Shrewsbury Issues Today Radio – Podacst now available: How the new gene patches may…

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Boomer Times Book Review March 12, 2014 Gene Therapy Steven Shrewsbury Progressing to a full review in the Boomer Times (based in Florida), this is what Dr. Theresa Pantanella had to say: “It was great to speak with you about your book, “Defy Your DNA: How the New Gene Patch Personalized Medicines Will Overcome Your…

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