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Medicine is going through huge changes. Humans have treated symptoms and dis-ease for millennia. Ever since we first learned to treat pain with willow bark tea or poppy juice. For half a century we have applied a more scientific approach by blocking disease pathways in the body. But often those illnesses are already well advanced before we go to the doctor.

That is all changing. Today you can defy your DNA with new medicines.

Defy Your DNA

Defy Your DNA explains how the genetic discoveries of the past two decades are giving rise to an entirely new system of personalized medicine. This new system will identify and stop diseases before patients become ill. The new system will use a class of potent and targeted “gene-patch” medicines. The first of these amazing molecules was approved in the US in January 2013. The Golden Age of Medicine is here! These new gene patches are the greatest medical breakthrough since the discovery of penicillin.

Defy Your DNA explains these new medicines;  what they are; how they work; what disease they are targeting. These new DNA-based drugs will allow us to:

Prevent Rare Diseases by hiding the fatal mistakes in our DNA. These faulty genes cause rare neuromuscular diseases such as the fatal Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Lou Gehrig’s ALS and Spinal Muscular Atrophy, rare neurodegenarative diseases such as neurofibromatosis,  Huntington’s disease and many others.

Combat Lethal Bacterial and Viral infections such as Ebola and Marburg hemorrhagic fevers, Dengue and the new lethal strains of flu. Bacteria such as E.coli, MRSA and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. New gene patches may prevent these germs from producing their deadly proteins

Provide Targeted, More Effective and Safer Drugs to Treat Common Diseases such as cancer, asthma and high cholesterol

Genetic Testing – is it for you?

As we start to use genetic testing there will be many questions. It gives YOU the power to make decisions about when, and how to get information about your genetic heritage. What you do with that information remains up to you.

Genetic Testing Laboratories

Genetics Testing Laboratories (GTL) is a leading, pioneering company providing genetic testing. Speak to your doctor today if you:

  • Are worried about a disease that may run in your family – parents, siblings
  • You have started to develop signs and symptoms that worry you
  • Want to know more about your genes and what your future holds

GTL use the latest science and technology to give you a snapshot (a “map”) of your genome. This map shows your genetic risk for important health conditions. You now have the power to make more informed choices. From a blood test you will receive a report giving your risk for over 200 conditions based on your genes. The conditions included in the report are all supported by peer reviewed scientific research.

The concept of the genetic test is to look into your DNA and to identify key markers. If those markers are present, you may be at increased risk of a serious disease. By ordering this test you and your physician will be able, in a sense, to take a look into your own future. With this knowledge you can take the necessary steps to help avoid these conditions altogether.

Genetic Testing Laboratories Special Offer
Genetic Testing Laboratories Special Offer

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Defy Your DNA Defy Your DNA Defy Your DNA Defy Your DNA

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